The Team

The faces behind Bike Citizens

Founded by two bicycle couriers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl, the Bike Citizens team is now made up of 35 people. We work from either Graz or Berlin to achieve the company’s shared mission: to communicate the joy of cycling and thereby improve the quality of life in urban areas.


Business Development

Daniel Kofler
Hell Rider Daniel Kofler
Daniel Kofler
CEO and Founder
...and part time messenger on Fridays
Life is like riding a bike: to keep your balance you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein
BC_hell riders_Tom_060416_11
BC_hell riders_Tom_060416_04
Tom Rath
Business Development
(Cycling-) Anarcho: creating and resolving contradictions
If there is no headwind, you ride to slow.
Steffen Wirth
Business Development
The Company Writer
Cycling? Everlong!


BC_hell riders_Paul_060416_19
BC_hell riders_Paul_060416_02
Paul Mayer
Head of Sales
Bike Toddler
Riding my bike is like riding a horse, except it's smaller, easier, it doesn't need hay, its more fun and everybody can do it, even if she/he isn't rich. I love horses.
Simone Feigl
Simone Feigl
Communications & Market Development
No-matter-what-weather Cyclist
I am in love with my old front-freewheel-KTM and its twisted handlebar.
Adi Hirzer
Market Development Intl.
Bike Prophet
The era of the bicycle has only just begun!
BC_hell riders_Pirmin_060416_11
BikeCitizens hell riders - Pirmin
Pirmin Proier
Strategy, Public Advisor
...and here and there Bike Citizens kitchen chef - Enjoy!
A good city is like a good party - people stay longer than really necessary, because they are enjoying themselves.
Jan Gehl
Andreas Angerer
Market Development
Just your average cyclist
Riding my bike - by far the best and fastest way to get to work and everywhere else.
Maurice Petter
Sales & Communications Intern
A good bike ride fixes everything!


Elisabeth Gressl
BikeCitizens hell riders - Elisabeth
Elisabeth Gressl
Head of Communications
The crazy cycling enthusiast without much of a sense of direction
Nothing beats the feeling of having the headwind wind flow through your hair, the sunshine on your face and inhaling the smell of spring.
Stefan Ahmadi
BikeCitizens hell riders - Stefan
Stefan Ahmadi
Project Manager
The Cruiser
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like!
Johanna Kolb
BikeCitizens_Hell riders250614_002
Johanna Kolb
Country Manager Spain (Maternity Leave)
Mother of F(Tw)inns
Jacob Trummer
E-Commerce & Online Marketing Manager
doing things
Cycling is really quite enjoyable.
Julia Kaufmann
Sales Communication Manager
The Internet Savvy Word Juggler
Is it necessary to reinvent the wheel? No, but it is important to always discover new things.
BC hell rider Philip_28072016_001-Edit
Philip Daniel
Creative Director
Banjo Picker
Is there a better feeling than smashing through the back streets of a city that you love on a pushie.
Eline Schaap
Sales & Marketing Intern
Imported from the Netherlands
Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.

Software Development

Mihai Ghete
Hell Rider Mihai Ghete
Mihai Ghete
VP of Engineering
aka. Mastermind
I love cycling, because it's so practical.
Alexander Tschinder
Alexander Tschinder
Alexander Tschinder
Android Developer
Cycling ADC
Have fun, be active. Ride a bike instead of driving, for example.
Dan Buettner
Daniel Korp
Hell Rider Daniel Korp
Daniel Korp
Technical Assistant
The Sys-Admin
It never gets easier, you just get faster.
Greg LeMond
Ahmed Elakour
Hell Rider Ahmed Elakour
Ahmed Elakour
Back end developer
Debugger = Remover of the needles from the haystack
I like cycling because it is healthy, environment friendly and you can even reach your destination faster than by car.
Ben Calder
Hell Rider Ben Calder
Ben Calder
Front End Developer
Add quirky comment here...
One sentence about cycling.
Hell Rider Pal Kosi
Pal Kosi
UI/UX Designer
The Architect of Style
A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke.
Stefan Tiran
Hell Rider Stefan Tiran
Stefan Tiran
Back End Developer
The community rep
As there was no such thing as a Finn, I strapped my PDA onto my handlebars with a shoelace.


Christine Hopfer
Human Resources Management & Head of Operations
The Corporate Mum
Almost there!
Lukas Kulhanek
BikeCitizens_Hell riders250614_013
Lukas Kulhanek
COO (Educational leave)
The Lost Son
I'm not cycling, because it's so stylish or environmental friendly, I do it, because of the most obvious hard facts: time, costs , fun.
BC_hell riders_Astrid_060416_02
Astrid Glawar
Helpdesk Manager
The Counsellor
Cycling adds a nice touch of simplicity to my everyday life.
Klaus Rabitsch
BikeCitizens_Hell riders250614_003
Klaus Rabitsch
Supply Chain Manager
The Prototype
I also try to make sea freight with the pedal boat.
Hell Rider Martina Leitner
Martina Leitner
Back Office Manager
The go-getter
Life is like cycling. You won’t fall off as long as you keep pedalling.
Hell Rider Andreas Bernhart
Andreas Bernhart
Administration & Logistics
Our Man for all Situations
The aim is to arrive at the start line fresh.
Hell Rider Meru
Hell Rider Meru
Feel Good Manager
Yawning every now and then.


Andreas Stückl
BikeCitizens_Hell riders250614_021
Andreas Stückl
Founder, CEO Germany & Community Management
The Hairbrush Dodger
Cycling prevents fare evasion.
Frederic Zischler
Hellrider Frederic
Frederic Zischler
Business Development
The combat biker
I have never before seen my bicycle speed off right under my nose.
Kerstin Oschabnig
BikeCitizens_Hell riders250614_022
Kerstin Oschabnig
The Creative Pencil Wielder
Sometimes my gaze lingers a few seconds too long when I watch the bicycle going by.
Tomasz Katarzyniec
Country Manager Poland & Office Assistant Berlin
Riding a bike requires a higher level of psychomotor skills and physical coordination than driving a car.
Hellrider Christoph
Christoph Aberle
Cooperation & Online PR Manager
Our Folding Bike Fella
Some Chains can set you free. Particularly those attached to a vehicle that follows you anywhere.
Alex Lutz1
Alexander Lutz
Key Accountant Manager
Each & every ride is like a short holiday from daily grind!